Frequently asked preguntas:

Where can I get Dank Donuts?

We want to bring Dank Donuts to as many people as possible. Help us do that! Until we can get a shop open, the only way to get your hands on delicious Dank Donuts is by attending one of our events, or becoming part of the Dank Donut Family.

To be a part of the #DankDonutFamily, purchase something from this website and send us an email so we can get to know you! DankDonuts@gmail.com

Shipping: Please be patient.  We will get it to you as soon as possible. If you have any concerns don't hesitate to send an email to DankDonuts@gmail.com.  

Return policy:

All sales are final. Dank Donuts does not accept returns or exchanges.

More questions?

Contact us at DankDonuts@gmail.com